Plant List

Plant List


Doosan DNM6700: XYZ 1300mm x 670mm x 670mm with tool and spindle probing. Along with BIG KAISER Back-end Tooling and a Microloc Bed with 10 vices and simultaneous Nikken CNC260 4th axis.

Doosan DNM4500: XYZ 800mm x 450mm x 510mm with tool and spindle probing, Along with BIG KAISER Backend Tooling and a Microloc Bed with 10 vices

Bridgeport VMC610XP: XYZ travels 610mm x 510mm.
Bridgeport VMC500XP: XYZ travels 500mm x 340mm.
Hurco VMX10 4th Axis: XYZ travels 700mm x 400mm.
Bridgeport Manual Mill XYZ travels 700mm x 300mm x 180mm
Quaser MV184P Heavy Duty Mill. XYZ travels: 1020mm x 610mm x 610mm.

All machining work is programmed using ONECNC Professional XR7 Milling and Turning CAD/CAM software which includes 2.5/3D Milling, 3D Solid Modelling and many other capabilities.

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Colchester: Swing 650mm.

Mazak Smooth Technology Quick Turn 250 MSY.

Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 200MY with 'Y' Axis and milling heads, 65mm through spindle capacity with Hydrafeed bar feed sys

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Jones and Shipman XY Travels 500mm x 250mm.

Asea Drill and Cutter Grinder

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Faro Gage 7 axis CMM arm. With repeatability of 5 microns and spherical working volume of 1.2 meters (4 ft.).

Complete range of inner and outer micrometers, depth micrometers and thread gauges.