RedAnt production software

RedAnt production software was installed in order to help manage ever increasing customer and production requirements and also to implement ISO9001:2008. Below is a link for further information on the RedAnt software.

This November we have achieved ISO9001:2008 accreditation under the IMS governing body.

New CNC Milling Machine

We have added a Quaser MV184P VMC to our range of milling machines. With XYZ travels of 1020mm x 610mm x 610mm, a 22hp 12000rpm spindle and 40m/min rapids, this machine is built for heavy duty machining at high speeds. It also benefits from the following features:

  • Unique spindle technology
  • Grease replenishing system
  • 30 ATC system
  • Coolant system & Chip management
  • Precision accuracy
  • Thermal Management
  • Swiveling operator panel
  • Heidenhain TNC530i

Faro Gage CMM

The FARO Gage measuring arm is an accurate 3D gauge for smaller parts and is an industry leader in portable CMMs. Ending the reliance on expensive and hard-to-use fixed CMMs, the FARO Gage offers high accuracy levels, improves measurement consistency, reduces inspection time, and generates automatic reports. Made specifically for shop floor personnel, the FARO Gage sets up in seconds and allows anyone to measure parts and assemblies easily, quickly, and accurately.

The FARO Gage enhances productivity through faster and more accurate measurements. Features such as a spherical working volume of 1.2m (4 ft.) and accuracy up to 0.018mm (0.0007 in.) provide performance comparable to a fixed CMM, but with previously unheard-of portability. For any operator, the FARO Gage is easy to use, with its internal counterbalancing for fatigue-free movement and temperature and overload sensors that ensure it performs at maximum accuracy.

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