New CNC Turn/Mill Machine

We have added a brand new Turn/Mill machine to expand our capabilities. Our new Mazak machine is a Quick Turn Nexus II 200MY with an 8″ chuck and 65mm though bar capacity. We have also installed a Hainbuch collet chuck system for improved repeatability and accuracy. The machine has ‘Y’ axis machining and also all 12 tools on the turret can be driven! We have also fitted a Hydrafeed bar feed system to cater for large batch requirements.

The “QUICK TURN NEXUS II” Series offer Advanced Technology, Productivity and Value, to provide the performance you have been looking for. These CNC turning centers have improved machine stability, safer operation and enhanced ease of operation by utilising the 6th generation CNC system, the MAZATROL MATRIX NEXUS.

Further information on the Mazak and Hydrafeed can be found my clicking these links: